Photo By: Kristy J. Carlson
Hello! I'm Amy Rodquist-Kodet - - wellness coach, speaker & conduit for courageous thriving. 

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people unleash more wellbeing into their lives. (Because when we're thriving, we make life count.) What's possible when you dare to live a life that counts - anchored from the center? Let's find out, together.

My clients from around the world have described me as compassionate, authentic, soulful, creative and having a rare superpower for going deep and excavating connection and beauty in challenging places. I have my Masters Degree in Holistic Health, A Wellness Coach Certification from WellCoaches and the American College of Sports Medicine & am a licensed Aromatherapist.  

My background as a Health Educator and Wellness Consultant has enabled me to work in the US and abroad for well over a decade, creating powerful partnerships with individuals to create the life they want - - even in the midst of cross cultural chaos or serious illness.